One Voice is passionate about health inequalities and looks to engage the communities in every surrounding.


One Voice works on some major health, educate and leadership issues in Blackburn and Darwen, and encourages participation from all sectors of the community.


Female sports participation is a key theme for One Voice, especially young females and those from under privileged backgrounds.


We recognise that every member of our community is important. We welcome all sections of the community. We are inclusive, not exclusive.

Making a Difference

Working in partnership to create a better Blackburn and Darwen.

Scouts Group Organise Iftar Event

1V Scouts and AHF Scouts joined forces to organise an Iftar Under the Stars gathering outdoor and indoor.

Green Light for Baiter Sehat Phase 5

One Voice has been commissioned for a fifth year of the Baiter Sehat project by the local council.

Fasting initiative Draws massive Interest

'I'm Not a Muslim But I Will Fast for One Day' is a community cohesion initiative that has involved more than 100 people.

More Female Leaders Urged to Come Forward

Women's Network were joined by Leader of the Council to encourage greater political engagement by females in the community.

Passionate Warm Engaging Inclusive

Working in partnership to create a better Blackburn and Darwen - through health, education and leadership.

One Voice Blackburn is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that aspires to create an inclusive, cohesive and vibrant community in Blackburn and Darwen

Recent Events

2020 Plan Community Project

Members of the 2020 team start to discuss the upcoming Drug and Alcohol abuse project. 2020 is a youth leadership group run by One Voice.

Scouts Work on their Next Badge

The Scouts troop have been working hard to achieve their Athletics badge. The Scouts meet each Saturday at Brockhouse Primary School.

WEGs Tie Themselves in a Knot

The West End Girls enjoyed (!) an intense session of knitting. It’s safe to say that some of the girls grasped the concept quicker than others.

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